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Grit Removal

Grit Removal Systems for Municipal and Industrial applications

Hydroflux Epco has extensive experience in grit removal systems, including all aspects of plant design and construction of complete systems.

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 vortex3.jpg Vortex Grit Removal
Hydroflux Epco provides two types of Vortex Grit removal systems. The HUBER Vormax is designed for concrete vortex trap installation with capacities up to 4000L/s and the HRSF is a free standing stainless steel unit suitable for smaller STP’s and industrial applications.
longgritmain Longitudinal Grit Traps
The Hydroflux Epco longitudinal grit trap is a high performance grit removal system suitable for flows up to 60L/s. The grit trap design and layout is fully compliant with international standards.