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Sludge Handling & Treatment

Sludge Handling and Treatment Systems for Municipal and Industrial applications

Hydroflux Epco has extensive experience in sludge handling and treatment systems, including all aspects of plant design and construction of complete systems.

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septicsludgescreenmain Septic Sludge Screening
Hydroflux Epco provides complete systems and processes for septic sludge treatment. Our equipment, as proven during many years of experience, is especially suited for septic sludge treatment. Hundreds of ROTAMAT® plants for septic sludge treatment have been installed worldwide.
strainpressmain Strainpress Sludge Screen
The strainpress sludge screen is a pressure-fed inline system for screening any type of sludge, including highly viscous and greasy waste.
HUBER-Rotary-Screw-Thickeners-150 Rotary Screw Thickening
There are over 1000 HUBER thickeners installed worldwide including many in Australia. The rotary screw thickener is designed for thickening of waste activated sludge prior to dewatering or stabilisation at larger STP’s
DiscThickener150 Disc Thickener
The Disc Thickener is a unique sludge thickener for efficient thickening of waste activated sludge with over 1000 installations worldwide.
Screwpress150 Screw Press Dewatering
The HUBER RoS3Q Inclined Sludge Press is a unique sludge dewatering machine developed by HUBER over 20 years ago and now over 1200 machines have been installed globally in many applications.
Solardrying150 Solar Sludge Drying
Solar drying is an ideal method of reducing sludge volumes and disposal costs, particularly in the Australian climate. The HUBER SRT system is a unique and highly efficient process whereby sludge is dried in a greenhouse using incident solar radiation and artificially generated wind to evaporate water from the sludge.