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Containerised MBR Inclusions

The membrane bioreactor process is a complete pre-assembled “ready to go” wastewater treatment plant constructed entirely inside a 20’ container.

The MBR systems are all second hand but new and completely unused. The membranes are in their original packaging and undamaged.


The Hydroflux MBR comprises the following equipment:

    •   Lagged & Clad Container – see photo
    •   Trace Heated and Lagged MBR Wet Tank – see photo
    •   Set of Kubota Membranes- see photo
    •   Fine Bubble Diffusers- see photo
    •   2 off 4 kW 3 Phase Blowers supplied with individual non-return and pressure relief valves – see photo
    •   Pressure Transducer for tank level indication plus high, low, low low tank level floats – see photo
    •   Trace Heated and Lagged Pipework – see photo
    •   Chemical Dosing Tank and Dosing Pump – see photo
    •   FBDA Blower Panel – see photo
    •   Membrane Blower Panel – see photo
    •   Membrane Bioreactor Main Control Panel – see photo
    •   Power Distribution Board – see photo
    •   Permeate Flow Control Valve – see photo
    •   Permeate Flow Meter – see photo
    •   Air Purge Control Valve – see photo
Additional inclusions when multipe containers are used and options:

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