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Chemical Handling

The use of the correct chemicals and chemical doing equipment is essential to the effective operation of your water or wastewater treatment plant.

Hydroflux Industrial has the expertise to:

  • Determine the most appropriate chemical process for each and every application
  • Select the most suitable dosing equipment
  • Design and build high quality robust polymer blending and dosing systems
  • Design the complete chemical dosing plant in accordance with the appropriate regulations
  • Conduct all installation and commissioning works

Safe chemical separation and containment is required by WorkCover and the EPA and covered by Australian Standards. It is therefore essential that when you are considering installing a wastewater treatment plant that utilises chemicals which are considered dangerous goods, you engage a company that has experience and a full understanding of the legislation.

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There are no compromises in dangerous goods storage. Inexpensive chemical storage and dosing equipment that does not comply can have serious implications for your employees, the environment and your business.

Hydroflux Industrial design safe and compliant chemical storage facilities to suit virtually any chemical and delivery method.

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