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Clarification processes are commonly used in various stages of solids separation in industrial treatment systems. Hydroflux Epco which is part of the Hydroflux Group of Companies, has provided over 330 clarifier units throughout Australasia, Middle East and UK with installations dating back to 1962.

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To view Hydroflux Epco’s full range of Clarifier Applications please select from the links below:
    •   Primary Clarification – Often used with or without chemical addition as a primary stage of treatment in applications where the solids tend to mostly settle.
    •   Secondary Clarification – Used to remove biomass in the Hydroflux Activated sludge process
    •   Tertiary Clarification – Tertiary filtration for the removal of fine suspended solids, nutrients, bacteria and pathogens
    •   Lime Saturators – Designed to produce saturated lime water for control of the pH and alkalinity of water in water treatment plants
    •   Sludge Thickeners – Typically used for backwash water recovery in wastewater reuse plants.

As a pioneer in Australia, Hydroflux Epco continues to offer EPCO Australia’s complete design, build, install and refurbishment service. Our commitment to our clients does not end with the delivery of the project and we support our clients so that that their plants continue to operate at their full design capacity well into the future.

clarifier with 3dEPCO Australia has installed or refurbished hundreds of clarifiers since 1962, and our clients have come to rely on our proven design for this critical component in the treatment process. Failure of the clarifier in the treatment process can often result in failure of the whole treatment process.

Our clients can be confident that our clarifiers will be commissioned quickly and effectively with a smooth defects liability period.

There are numerous examples of EPCO Australia clarifier mechanisms still working 40 years after installation and we are able to provide a competitive price due to our mature design and R&D.

EPCO Australia Clarifier Features:

  • All the weight of the scrapers is suspended from the bridge, therefore there is less risk of breakdowns and there is nothing wearing on the concrete floor in the bottom of the tank
  • Stainless Steel chain and bolting underwater, which gives longer design life and less breakdowns
  • The drive mechanism is easier to maintain due to the motor being outside of the tank
  • Fibreglass launder covers (optional) are strong, have a long design life and are lightweight for plant operator benefit
  • Proven commissioning success drawing on 52 years of experience installing over 200 clarifiers
  • Submerged feedwell is self-cleaning so it doesn’t grow vegetable matter


EPCO Clarifier Wastewater Brochure Australia

Hydroflux Epco Circular Clarifier Brochure

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