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Key Features

Key Features of the HyDAF Wastewater Dissolved Air Flotation system

The Hydroflux HyDAF system is an a modern advanced dissolved air flotation system. Designed by experts with many years experience in the application of dissolved air flotation systems, the HyDAF excels in many ways over conventional DAF systems.

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A HyDAF HD Dissolved Air Flotation system comprises the following main components within one packaged plant:

  • Full stainless steel construction to suit wastewater charateristics.
  • Heavy duty, fully guarded, counter-current surface skimmer for the removal of surface float.
  • Integrated Sludge hoppers for easy settled solids removal and cleaning.
  • Flotation zone (DAF Zone) sized and designed to provide a quiescent volume for the formation and thickening of float.
  • Advanced and simple non blocking dissolved air recycle stream system.
  • Dissolved air recycle stream injection into the Hydroflux Hex Inlet Mixer for immediate air contact with flocculant and solids particles.
  • Hydroflux Hex Inlet Mixer provides superior inlet flow distribution and flocculent / recycle stream mixing for optimum flotation.
  • Effluent discharge baffle enhances the separation of the clarified effluent from the quiescent volume.

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