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Rotary Above Ground Screens

In industrial applications, screening is essential as the first stage of treatment to remove bulk solids that would otherwise increase the solids and organic load on downstream plant.

Hydroflux Industrial can supply many different forms of screening systems using various types of media and aperture size with each screen being selected based on the application, the solids load, type of solids and the hydraulic profile.

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The HUBER Rotary Drum Screen RoMesh® is part of the range of high quality German manufactured screens and has been designed specifically for industrial applications. The HUBER Rotary Drum Screen RoMesh® consists of a horizontal screen basket equipped with a very fine square mesh or perforated plate

The mesh design is used for very fine screening applications and is available in 0.2 to 1 mm sizes. The perforated plate is designed with 2 or 3 mm perforations and can treat higher flows. The screening drum has diameters up to 1.6m which can allow treatment of up to 100L/s

Due to the two-dimensional effect of the mesh or perforated plate the screen removes very fine particulate material.

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